Reflective essay

Now, after being a part of this term’s ENGLCOM class, I learned that ability to gather, arrange, and formulate thoughts into a apprehensive layout is needed in preparation for our thesis and to be successful in science research. I have read a lot of articles in class and saw that it is impossible to make and impart thoughts into basic words unless one have these abilities. At first, I was really a challenge to organize my essays. But through writing and reading essays the whole term, I noticed that my skills in developing reflective and informative essays improved. Because of this class, I find essay writings less intense than before. In high school english classes, I never realized that essay writing skills and proper citations to avoid plagiarism were so important. The most important progress was that I was able to transform my ordinary and low quality essay into a well formulated work. Now, I can say that I am more prepared for the research papers and thesis I am going to have next term.