Exit Essay

The Journey in DLSU

Being in college is definitely hard, especially when you are taking a some what hard course. Studying in De la salle University- Manila was not my first choice of school for premed course. I was more like planning to studying in UPM, but unfortunately I did not pass. But as the months pass by, I have come to accept and love my school with hesitation. Equipping me with the knowledge I’ll be needing in the future, I am grateful for the fact that I am now studying in a prestigious school, like DLSU. Though the courses are sometimes difficult, I have learned not to be afraid and to adjust myself to be more productive in studying that I never thought I can do. With the help of God and the people around me, I am receiving the best education I can have in the Philippines. Today, I do not see DLSU as just an alternative choice yet as blessing in disguise and my alma mater.