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Letter to the Reader

As a student of Biochemistry in DLSU Manila, I have spent more countless hours trying to write essays rather than studying chemistry. For me, writing essays is hard work and frustrating at times as it takes a lot of my time yet it is fulfilling after laborious essay is done. I would like to share a quote written by Allan Moore that can be heard in the movie, V for Vendetta saying, “Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea… and ideas are bulletproof.” This blog contains some of my accomplished essays in ENGLCOM including my two major essays. With all the ideas I have attained through experience and research, great ideas about term ‘nationalism’ and an a threatening issue concerning the youth are found written inside my blog.

I am grateful to have a Great God and good family and friends who have supported and comforted me continue writing essays on tiring times. From my heart, thank you, you know who you are. My essay would have not extended to its present figure with out your help.

ENGLCOM Objectives

ENGLCOM or ENGLISH COMMUNICATION is a course that equips freshmen students with the necessary academic reading and writing skills needed to become multi-literate and autonomous learners, and engaged citizens in the 21st century. This course is anchored on transformative as well as self-directed learning frameworks.

E-Portfolio Objectives

E-portfolio Objectives
a. Collect, store, and manage written outputs
b. Develop a sense of authorship
c. Showcase mastery of various genres and of writing process
d. Evaluate and reflect on writing performance
e. Monitor progress
f. Improve understanding of oneself
g. Recognize the gaps in one’s current knowledge and skills

Entry Essay

Studying in DLSU

Though De la sale University was not my first choice, I have now accepted it and loved it as my school of choice. My first day in DLSU was exciting yet I felt afraid at the same time. Being in a big and prestigious school is something I never imagined, since I felt unworthy of my grades in the past. But through the months that past, I realized that there is nothing to be afraid of. Everyone in my block has almost the same experience in the past like mine. Therefore,I am now happy and relieved of the fact that being in La Salle is a blessing that has been given to me by my parents and family.

Extended Definition Essay

Further Than Loyalty

            Are you loyal to your own land and country, to a point that you will indifferently oppose other land’s and nations’ beliefs, way of life, traditions, and so on. According to Webster (2014), nationalism means showing complete support and faithfulness towards a nation, even though showing nationalism intend to go against other nations. Miscevic (2001) describes the word nationalism in two marvelous ideas. First, it is the way the elements of a country are thoughtful and mindful as for their country’s identity. Second, it is the act of the elements of a country that is made while finding to succeed reaching and continuing their own choice. Nationalism can be illustrated in different perspectives.

One of the very important causes of the First and Second World War and other kinds of wars was nationalism itself (Webster, 2014). During the World War Two, Nationalism was the evident action of the Nazi Party of Germany. Koenigsberg (n.d.)states in an online article, an individual’s options and reactions to other nations may be less favorable, when he has a strong passion on his own nation. Nazis describes nationalism as the ultimate identity of oneself to defend upon other nations’ hands. Trying to be strong or significant, being of a country show in a single possibility that they are strong is merit of its position to protect itself upon other countries. Affected by the fact that countries have foes, nationalism tends to do crafty things to the country. Stating the fact that the country has foes produces the expansion of establish organization for the society and large expenses given to the so-called national defense. Nazism exhibits nationalism not different from others, except the fact that they have an extreme kind of it called totalitarian. Having a sacred feeling of wholeness with one’s country is the center and foundation of Nazism. The Nazis may have put nationalism in a bad way and order, but they were able to fulfill their goal, protecting their country.

Looking at the Japanese nationalism during World War Two, Deac (1996) reported that in the 1920s, Japan was hook and too attached to their national traditions. Japan’s recluse and somewhat isolated culture has caused partial tension; rooted on their established old sacredness, armed troops, and organized government notions are not familiar to the Westerners. The other intense tension was to prompt fast current ideas. With the pressure in among the Japanese, it directed an inner argument that led to the violent act on Pearl Harbor. According to Patterson (2008), Japan was tightly hidden from other countries’ influence that it has caused no war and fights with other counties and has knowledge almost in inner peacefulness. Even though the Japanese are governed by their shogun and their chief of the emperor, they were still separated to many districts ruled by their land lords. With this manner of rule on their own particular district, most of the Japanese are not attached to the core of their country that their nationalism was not progressive.

Every nation has a list of national holidays, where everyone is given a break from works to celebrate as an entire country or nation on that special day. Nationalism is also evident in celebrations, since the whole country is in one enjoying and honoring that special event. “One of the yearly celebrations in the Philippines is Rizal Day, it is a celebrated on 30th of December in commemoration of Dr. José Rizal, the Philippine’s National Hero. The earliest commemoration of Rizal Day was in 1898 issued by Emilio Aguinaldo, the foremost president of the Philippines. Rizal is regarded as an outstanding idol in the Philippines, whereas he is recognized as a revolt by writing novels revealing unfair treatment of the Spanish colonizers” (Rizal Day 2014 & 2015, 2014). The Philippines continues to commemorate Rizal Day as a respect and admiration to their National Hero, Jose Rizal. This simple act shows nationalism in remembering a country’s hero as devoting one’s self to a nation’s traditions and customs.

Every the Fourth of July staring from the late nineteenth century, Americans often give importance to their leisure activities and a usually have parties with families and friends, often having fireworks as outdoor displays and outdoor barbecues. The symbol well-known during this holiday isthe one and only American flag and together with a pleasant music fromthe national anthem of the United States, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The US Independence Day was first held in the state of Philadelphia on the year 1777, even though the Congress remained filled and not vacant with the proceeding war.After the war between America and Great Britain in 1812, celebrating customs grew more common in the US (July 4th,2009). The celebration every July the fourth is an evidence of the continuous support of the Americans to their country’s day of freedom.

Alvarez(2014) reported that in 1986, the EDSA People Power’s Revolution, it’s commemorating monument stands along EDSA in Quezon City, Philippines, is respected around the world for being the a known bloodless revolution. This meaningful incident in the Philippine nation in February 25, 1986, has deeply remained in every Filipinos’ heart and mind. The Philippines, through this historical event, gave intense awareness of pride and displayed genuine power of democracy to distant countries that admired and tried to follow it. By the Filipinos’ faithful prayers and rosaries as weapons, the Philippines regained their freedom from the tyrant, President Ferdinand Marcos, courageously showing true power with the absence of turbulent force and bloody slaughter in democracy. The lengthy harsh time with less freedom and the unjust dangerous treatment of the cruel Martial Law enforce by President Marcos. This revolution sparked some Filipino pride with the help of each other; they were able to succeed in their goal, the Filipino democracy. The Filipinos were willing to fight their countries’ freedom from Marcos solid grip on the country.

The French Revolution joins together different parts of France and increases the strength of the entire country’s political organization. Bringing down the very old constructions in Europe, the Revolution causes the arrival of nationalism to happen more quickly and introduces the new modern completely military wars. Despite the fact that few of the  annalists sees the Reign of Terror as a threatening forerunner of the new totalitarianism, some annalists still asserts  that the revolution shows the importance of the self-governing organizations (“French Revolution,” 2014). The French in oneness fought a good fight to improve their own country’s new government that they exhibit nationalism in their revolution.

One may be loyal and supportive to his own beloved country. According to Alexander (2001), one will never avoid the fact that he will go against the other countries, becauseof the character of nationalism. Extreme nationalism like the Nazi Party has, led to more wars and deaths than the benefit of Germany and other countries. Some stands are worth fighting for, yet one may be blinded of the situation as Hitler experienced. Nationalism may also led to good effects, like fighting for your own countrymen‘s freedom and independence.Nationalism can be illustrated in different perspectives.



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Problem-Solution Essay

It Could Not Happen Here, Could It?

Around the world there are harmful threats, but every child, whether in a wealthy family or not, should properly grow up healthy and safe.Children are usually determined as the future of every nation and if that is so, the early stages of a child’s life should be good and adequate.Yet nowadays, even children from developed counties, like the United States, Mexico and Portugal, are not excluded from child abuse and are estimated to have ten times higher than other countries with succeeding highest rates (UNICEF, 2003). And one of major types of child abuse that is popular nowadays is sexual exploitation. According to Safeguarding Children (2014), child sexual exploitation involves children and young people threaten andbribed with presents, drugs, food, money, or something, in exchange to perform indecently sexual in sex acts and trade, in pornography, and even in photos on the internet.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Centeror NURFC (2014) reports that thetraffickers worldwide lures their victims, frequently takes advantage of those people who are in poverty. Since most in poverty lacks the access to knowledge and awareness of rights, they are easily lured to traffickers’ false words leading them to the trap of sex exploitation. According to Pace (2014), children are easily controlled and manipulated that they experience more of this domestic violence as the result of increasing poverty. In course of sexual exploitation, most cannot comprehend how a child is often lured to return to by his or her own abusers. The perpetrators, though instilling wrong loyalty, misleading these children to believe that they are worthless after being sexually abused. These children would usually disclose the abuse from anyone, especially their parents, since violently threatened if ever they do so. Enduring the abuse, the child would feel like protecting his family who is usually uttered threats.

Surviving the sexual exploitation, traumatized, the child brings with him or her memories of the excessive sexual abuse. There will be unwanted negative effects on the child’s physical, mental, emotional well-being due to the trauma. The probability of poor health and HIV infection will increase in both genders, and for girl, unwanted pregnancies may happen. Psychologically, the child may also experience uncertain conducts and trusting problems, which may need great effort on reviving the child back to his or her own community. Many of thechild survivors may find the essence to abuse drugs and over drink alcohol in order to fight the pain they have inside of them. Feeling unwelcome, ugly, unloved, shamed, despicable, and more negative thoughts during whole stage of the child’s life, a lot may have the tendency and the corrupted thought of committing suicide (The Code, 2012). The society would not want those things to happen in any child’s vulnerable life. Instead of being threatened of the fact that children are at risk of being sexually exploited, we should be focusing on proactive ways to prevent this, such as reducing the vulnerability of the children in poverty and prosecuting their abusers.

Any child or young person can become a victim of sexual exploitation, usually without even realizing they are being maltreated (Safeguarding Children, 2014). Children’s first sure of information are their own parents, and parents know better for their child’s conditions, life, and vulnerability than anyone else. Yet what if the parents of the child are not properly educated? The parents may also sexually abuse and exploit their own child due to poverty. Proper Education is very important and crucial for one’s life, and it is an important agent needed for harmony and peace within the society. One needs to understand the difference between what is right and wrong, and proper education has a great affect on it. If one is educated, he is well aware of the consequences of his wrong actions, since he knows his rights, the law and his responsibilities as a person in the society (Kidwai, 2014).

According to Humamium (n.d.), Education is an important right that allows a child to acquire right direction and to develop by society. The role of educational institutions must be strengthened by supplyinggood education,informing the specific risks of sexual exploitation, and making aware of how to seek help with those risks to children, especially those in poverty (World Vision, 2014).To prevent further sexual exploitation within families, the society could express their concern to children and his families’needs and even provide sufficient jobs for their parents. The youth, themselves, could take note and promote educational and interactive programs aimed at raising awareness of the issue to children and their families. Yet with being aware of the fact that child sexual exploitation is happen in poverty cannot save every child from being a victim of it. Since not everyone will accept and follow the laws and regulations of the society, not everyone can be saved from child sexual exploitation.

According to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime or UNODC (2014), there has been an increase in the number of children being exploited, yet the number of people guilty on the crime is still very low. Being caught of sexually exploiting a child these days is not super major offence that ends one up to a lifetime jail sentence. According to Allen (2014), a pedophile director was jail only for five years and 11 months considering he paid children, as young as ten years old, to do sexual acts over the internet. He was guilty of twenty offences, yet why was he only jailed for a small amount of time? It is unjust for the abused children and their families.Recalling the police’s motto to serve and to protect, the society must help organize, raise, and protect its youth’s responsibilities. Even so, the police as a symbol of implementing law and order must continue its purpose and its goal in protecting and safeguarding lives and their rights, especially the children. They must continue to capture and arrest the employers of child sexual exploitation and maintain the peace in society by giving justified life sentences to perpetrators(Mc Combie, n.d.). At this instant, calling for governmental actions to fulfill its laws and policies significantly reflects on protection of children’s well-beings.However, the government has no enough power to scare of the criminalsto restraint curb this kind of attackon children, since there are still people are cruelly fearless to break laws.

It is clear, however, that there is still much to do. Yet we can make history happen and make our world a better place by simply participating and contributing to stop this hideous and threatening crime. Being threatened of the fact that children are at risk of being sexually exploited will not do anything good. We, the society, should be fix our eye and be alert of this fact. Directing and trying to control the situation from happening again and again, it is necessary for us to have a role to demote children in poverty’s endangered lives and promoting justice to the abused by negotiating the life sentences of the perpetrators.



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Exit Essay

The Journey in DLSU

Being in college is definitely hard, especially when you are taking a some what hard course. Studying in De la salle University- Manila was not my first choice of school for premed course. I was more like planning to studying in UPM, but unfortunately I did not pass. But as the months pass by, I have come to accept and love my school with hesitation. Equipping me with the knowledge I’ll be needing in the future, I am grateful for the fact that I am now studying in a prestigious school, like DLSU. Though the courses are sometimes difficult, I have learned not to be afraid and to adjust myself to be more productive in studying that I never thought I can do. With the help of God and the people around me, I am receiving the best education I can have in the Philippines. Today, I do not see DLSU as just an alternative choice yet as blessing in disguise and my alma mater.

Reflective essay

Now, after being a part of this term’s ENGLCOM class, I learned that ability to gather, arrange, and formulate thoughts into a apprehensive layout is needed in preparation for our thesis and to be successful in science research. I have read a lot of articles in class and saw that it is impossible to make and impart thoughts into basic words unless one have these abilities. At first, I was really a challenge to organize my essays. But through writing and reading essays the whole term, I noticed that my skills in developing reflective and informative essays improved. Because of this class, I find essay writings less intense than before. In high school english classes, I never realized that essay writing skills and proper citations to avoid plagiarism were so important. The most important progress was that I was able to transform my ordinary and low quality essay into a well formulated work. Now, I can say that I am more prepared for the research papers and thesis I am going to have next term.